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About us

Losing your hair can be a bewildering and frightening experience and can sometimes make you feel like you are losing your mind.

You only have to Google 'hair loss remedies' to see that it is something that affects millions of people worldwide; the internet is bursting with home remedies, advice and medical opinion.
According to the NHS one in three people will suffer from hair loss at any one time.

But what happens when you have tried every herbal remedy going?

A leading hair loss expert based in West Yorkshire said there many reasons why hair loss is becoming more common, and below are some of the services that can help you treat the problem.

FUE/FUT Hair Transplants

Hair Transplantation is the only permanent solution for hair loss. During hair transplant surgery, you are both the donor and the recipient during the procedure with hair being removed from the donor zone in the back of your head where your hair is genetically.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Your First Port of Call For All Things Hair Welcome to the Yorkshire Hair Replacement Clinic, (YHRC), the most revolutionary and effective hair replacement system for people, perfectly tailored to your particular needs. We offer our clients the most natural and comfortable hair system available in the world. Our system is the result of continuous development and improvement from our experienced team of researchers. Just Like You Remembered The knots in our hair replacement system duplicate the old hairs as if they were rooted in your own scalp. This makes it the best and most state-of-the-art hair replacement technology available so far. Our high-definition transitional density doesn't stop at the hairline like in most systems but continues through all the system, allowing for an unbelievably natural hairstyle. Whether you suffer from male pattern baldness or any other condition responsible for pervasive hair loss, we will make sure that our system offers you a natural hair parting and even more natural scalp. Authentic Materials The YHRC hair replacement system is made from a blend of the most advanced materials and finest human hairs from your ethnic origin. Our system is designed to be practically 100% undetectable to sight and touch. It is customised to your desire, lifestyle, and needs, plus any additional specific requirements. Excellent Service We fully understand the distressing effects and stress of hair loss. As such, it is our commitment to bring you the most innovative system available to date, and offering the best service we can is paramount to our mission. Our hair replacement consultant will give you honest advice as to what would be the best system for you. Call us today and ask about our hair replacement program!

Laser Hair Retention Therapy

Hair loss usually have a devastating emotional impact on most people especially women, causing low esteem and withdrawal from social life. With improvements in technology there are now Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for hair growth is available in our clinics in the UK with combination of hair loss drugs that are proven, have been confirmed to enhance hair growth, making it shinier, fuller and thicker. level laser for hair growth is now recognised as a successful treatment for most forms of hair thinning in the United States and throughout Europe, including male and female pattern hair growth. Using low level laser therapy, although demonstrated in a few studies to work in enhancing fullness and the depth of hair alone, is frequently coupled with proven scalp as well as hair re-development products for full hair growth treatment. Repeat treatments are needed weekly for about 6 months, according to the extent of hair loss. You may usually even be given special hair care and hair re-development products in combination with all the laser treatment, for at home use, to get the best results possible. Low Level Laser Therapy is Risk Free The use of low level laser therapy for hair growth has be the subject of many years of research work and confirms with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Standard. It is therefore a painless and safe treatment without any know side effect. With treatments carried out in our clinics in the UK, you can be rest assured of safety with results. BENEFITS OF LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY FOR HAIR GROWTH The physics in medicine, led the way into a practical application in addition to its known properties. These properties have been validated by various studies to the living organism. Altogether, the data points to how effective low level laser works on the scalp: Increases nutritional supply to improve hair growth Accelerates and Excites hair growth Hinders hair loss progression Enhances hair shaft quality and Repairs Decrease tight and sore scalp Discharges scalp conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and scalp scaling Normalises production also increases in under dryness and activity and decreases creation in over activity or greasiness) Decreases excess levels of DHT and skin 5 alpha reductase which contribute to genetic thinning Increased microcirculation and scalp blood flow by 20 to 30% These benefits make Low Level Laser Therapy an outstanding adjunct treatment for hair growth. If you're in a position of financial difficulty, there's no need to worry. Our Pay As You Grow™ pay plan can assist you in covering the costs of our hair replacement system.


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