Basketball Court Contractors


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Basketball Court Contractors


Basketball Court Contractors

Our services as basketball court contractors include full construction projects for basketball and multi use sports surfaces, as well as professional painting and maintenance services for these various facilities. We carry out the full works for an installation of basketball courts for numerous specifications to suit a range of organisations and uses. As contractors, the types we typically install for a facility are macadam and polymeric rubber; these two specifications are specially designed to create the ideal amount of ball bounce for playing during practise and matches. Non slip paint coatings may be sprayed onto these hard surface types to improve the grip within the sports court and enhance the playing qualities for other sports like netball if you're going to use the area as a dual purpose facility.

With our wealth of experience as contractors we can help you to design the perfect specification for your project whether it's for professional use or a recreational multi sports area. Each aspect within the design could be tailored to meet your requirements and budget, for example the size and dimensions could be altered to fit the space you have available, and extra features like fencing may be installed in a range of specifications and heights. Maintenance advice and equipment are also available to help you keep the new facility looking and playing great once the initial construction is complete.

However, don't worry as our team are always happy to help you in ensuring your nearby court is repaired and is completing its purpose effectively. Whether this is through simple evaluations of your court after installation or services such as repairs, the team will be able to visit your facility. All you need to do to gain these service is complete the provided enquiry form below.

When choosing your basketball court surfacing knowing the different type of surfaces available and their qualities can help make the decision of which surface option to have installed. Firstly, the most popular basketball facility surfacing type used is the type 1 and 2 macadam. It is the most popular for players who play competitively, as this option offers fantastic anti-slip qualities that allow individuals to swiftly change direction at pace, allowing for a much more fast paced game than other materials. This quality is crucial for facility surfacing, as it enables players to reach their maximum potential on the zone.

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